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Conference Day 2

Conference Day 2: Downloads

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  • Kunal Gupta, Founder and CEO, Polar Mobile
English: Powerpoint
Francais: Powerpoint
AM Session 1: Selling to Big Business
  • Steven James, Senior Director, Strategic Supply at PepsiCo Canada
  • Steven Jani, Syncrude Canada
  • Facilitator: Syed Hasan, Senior Program Analyst, AANDC
S. James - EN: Powerpoint
S. James - FR: Powerpoint
S. Jani - EN: Powerpoint
S. Jani - FR: Powerpoint
AM Session 2: Lessons in Business Strategy Planning
  • Charlie Evalik, Chair, Nunavut Resources Corporation
  • Rodney Nelson, CEO and Principal of Governance, The Global Governance Group
  • Facilitator: Christopher Duschenes, Executive Director, AANDC
C. Evalik - EN: Powerpoint
R. Nelson - EN: Powerpoint
AM Session 3: Strategies for Impact Benefit Agreements (IBA) Success
  • Cherie Brant, Willms Shier
  • Harvey Sands, RSM Richter
  • Facilitator: Clint Davis, President and CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
C. Brant - EN: Powerpoint
H. Sands - EN: PDF
Luncheon Presentation: Building Human Capital
  • Kelly Lendsay, President and CEO, Aboriginal Human Resource Council
English: Powerpoint
Francais: Powerpoint
PM Session 1: Selling to Government
  • Dolores Coelho, Senior Program Officer, Aboriginal Procurement and Business Promotion Directorate, AANDC
  • Shereen Benzvy Miller, Director General, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises, PWGSC
  • John Edward Costa, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Government of Ontario
  • Mark Freedman, Vendor Relations Coordinator, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Facilitator: Guy Freeman, Public Sector Aboriginal Business Association (PSABA)
D. Coelho - EN: Powerpoint
D. Coelho - FR: Powerpoint
S. Miller - EN: Powerpoint
S. Miller - FR: Powerpoint
J. Costa - EN: Powerpoint
J. Costa - FR: Powerpoint
M. Freedman - EN: Powerpoint
M. Freedman - FR: Powerpoint
PM Session 2: Sources of Financing - Commericla Loans, Micro-Finance, Private Equity - What works for you?
  • Mike Ivy, General Manager, Apeetogosan (Metis) Development Inc.
  • Dr. Aminur Rahman Ph.D on Micro-Finance, the Grameen Bank Project
  • Wilson Neapew, Director, Aboriginal Financing, BDC
  • Stephen Fay, Bank of Montreal
  • Facilitator: Sara Filbee, Assistant Deputy Minister, Lands and Economic Development, AANDC
M. Ivy - EN: Powerpoint
PM Session 3: The Power of Mentorship
  • Norm Fraser, Business Manager at Nupqu Development Corporation
  • Vic Donaldson, Division Manager - Industrial at Scott Construction Group
  • Natiea Vinson, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Facilitator: Lee Ahenakew, Vice-President Member Relations, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
N. Vinson - EN: Powerpoint
PM Session 4: Doing Business with Foreign Partners
  • Jane Rooney, Trade Commissioner, Ontario Region, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)
  • Tom Prowse, Senior Account Manager, Export Development Canada (EDC)
  • Cynthia Westaway, Counsel, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Facilitator: Kathryn Fournier, Senior Policy Advisor, AANDC
J. Rooney - EN: Powerpoint
J. Rooney - FR: Powerpoint
T. Prowse - EN: Powerpoint
T. Prowse - FR: Powerpoint
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